Capelinhos Volcano 60th Anniversary Executive Committee


The eruption of the Capelinhos volcano, which began on September 27th, 1957 and lasted for 13 months, was a turning point in several aspects.


From profound demographic changes caused by the mass emigration to the USA to scientific discoveries, having been the first volcano of its type to be studied in depth and attracting distinguished scientist from around the world to the island of Faial, this eruption opened a new page in the history of volcanology and initiated scientific tourism to these islands.

This year marks the 60th anniversary of this eruption, a momentous event that profoundly changed the historical context of the Azores and was the natural phenomenon that generated the greatest social and cultural changes to our archipelago in the 20th century.


To mark this date, the Organizing Committee of the 60th Anniversary of the Capelinhos Volcano was created as a way to honour this volcano and has prepared a program of commemorations, which will take place between September 27th, 2017 to October 24th, 2018. The Commission intends to publicize all activities related to these commemorations on this site, as well as promote this unique Azorean landscape.